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Proud to be an American: A Mission to Serve and Support

In 2010, when we were making plans to form the company, we wanted the company name to be both meaningful and impactful, while also digging into our Native American heritage. What was equally, if not more, important to me was to incorporate an element of faith into the name, as this would be the foundation of the organization. In the Potawatomi language, the word “bgesh” means hope. Hope means, “to cherish a desire with anticipation” and hope is all these things: meaningful, impactful, and anchored in faith. Thus, was born Bgesh, Incorporated.

Why might this foundation matter to you as our client, colleague, or employee? We strongly believe that the culture formed in an organization sets the tone for the work product produced. To be an effective, productive, and impactful organization, there needs to be unity, achievable and clearly defined goals, as well as a shared vision within the company.

Whether you are a prospective employee, a promising strategic partner, or a potential client in need of service you can trust, I assure you that I personally will be working to constantly improve the exceptional services we offer, the positive atmosphere our employees work within, the effectual processes we employ, and the strong relationships we build. It is because I care about these things, that I expect nothing less of my personnel and partners.

The United States of America is a unique nation in this world! As a U.S. citizen, I am privileged with unalienable rights that are protected by our military every single day. One goal I have for Bgesh is to pay forward the sacrifices these men and women have freely given and support them and their families through our service offerings and outreach programs.

America is a nation that was also built on the foundation of hope, along with hard work, intellectual reason, and a desire to do what is right.

It is my desire to bring faith to those who need it, hope to those without it, and love to all in the form of service. I will work diligently to teach those in my organization how to serve others and help those around us achieve their “American Dream”. Through employment opportunities, education and training, impact and outreach programs, and exceptional service with integrity, we can support one another and make our “hope” a reality.

Your mission is our mission. Let Bgesh serve and support you.

Let’s reach our “hope” together.

Charissa Halliburton

Chairman & CEO of Bgesh, Incorporated

& Proud Member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation

Bgesh, Incorporated
Citizen Potawatomi Nation




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The Bgesh Impact Program | Débaské

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Making a positive impact on our employees & their families.
Making a positive impact as we live by the Golden Rule by serving our communities.
He who honors his Maker, has mercy on the needy.
Débaské | “shines as far as it can reach”


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