Bgesh, Incorporated specializes in supporting companies and facilities with our Managed Recruiting and Staff Augmentation Services. We can find the qualified personnel needed in even the most difficult to place positions.

Managed Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services

Bgesh is made up of dedicated, professional, and detail-oriented people committed to finding solutions for your hiring needs. We want to offer you the best quality personnel possible, as SOON as possible.

Steps commonly found in the full recruitment process which can be managed by our recruiters include:

  • Coordinating with the hiring manager to define the ideal candidate profile
  • Writing a job description that attracts the ideal candidate
  • Posting the job description to appropriate job boards, social recruiting platforms, employee referrals programs, etc.
  • Direct sourcing through proprietary networks, job boards, social media, etc.
  • Reviewing resumes and visually screening applicants
  • Conducting written prescreens
  • Conducting phone screens
  • Short-listing candidates
  • Submission of candidate directly or through a VMS
  • Recording activities in an ATS
  • Scheduling and managing interviews
  • Performing background checks, employment screens, and reference checks
  • Onboarding your new hire

Benefits of using our Managed RPO Services:

Focus your efforts on what you do best
Reduce Time-to-Fill
Reduce Cost-to-Fill
Improve candidate experience
Manage the hiring fluctuations throughout the year
Reduce total recruiting costs
Simplify your hiring process

Direct Hire Placement Services

If you are simply looking to add a single employee to your team and do not need monthly recruitment services, we can help with that too!

Credentialing Services

We can also help you with your Healthcare Professional Credentialing needs.

Staff Augmentation

Our qualified and professional Human Resource Management Team here at Bgesh are experts when it comes to human resource management. We work diligently to meet compliance standards, manage employee benefits, payroll, and compensation, and ensure all personnel exceed the required performance standards.

Bgesh has realized that the only way to provide outstanding placement services is by offering unique solutions specific to your staffing needs. Our goal is always to reduce risk and maximize efficiency.