Here at Bgesh, Incorporated, we understand the importance of balancing the budget. We specialize in managing the finances so as to achieve fiscal accountability for business and government agencies alike.

Accuracy and compliance is vital, especially when it affects the livelihoods of those who work for us.  Our organization, policy management strategies, and attention to detail ensure that all the financial “cogs” are in place and working like a well-oiled machine, and in accordance with federal, state, and local regulations.

Our intent is to help our customers direct operations more effectively as well as coordinate functions of their business to improve operational efficiencies, improve return on assets, and ultimately realize increased net income. In today’s environment, organizations are continuously introducing changes in response to internal and external factors. Some of the changes hit directly at processes, others on technologies, and others on the culture of the organization.

Regardless of the factor, change impacts how everyone does their jobs and it can even change the face of the organization as a whole. We support our customers by guiding them through periods of change, help them fine-tune their operations for optimal performance, achieve business objectives and transform value to become adaptable organizations that are ready for change.

Bgesh’s customers rely on us to help them though critical periods and retain us during times of calm because of our ability to offer insights on how to change during times of calm. Our core solutions are customized to our customer’s specific needs.

Whether you are a federal contractor needing assistance with your DCAA compliance requirements or are a small business needing bookkeeping support or a federal agency requiring assistance with analysis and more, Bgesh can help.

vCFO Services

Managed Bookkeeping & Controller Services

Accounting Infrastructure Set-up & Assessment

  • Assess appropriateness of current software tools & needs
  • Provide creative solutions and identify opportunities for more efficient processing
  • Work with existing accounting services provider & your team to transfer appropriate financial records
  • Set-up & migrate to cloud-based accounting/financial management system
  • Develop DCAA compliant (if applicable) Chart of Accounts & monthly financial reporting package
  • Set-up of cloud-based payroll and bill pay solutions
  • Assist with establishment of accounting and reporting policies & procedures

High-level & Other Services

  • Application of new accounting principles & regulations
  • Cash management, financial forecasts & projections
  • Development of budgets and projections in collaboration with your team
  • Assist with indirect cost submissions (if applicable)
  • Custom reporting for funding sources (Donors, Grants, Private Equity & Venture Capital Investors, Owners/Shareholders)
  • Board and finance committee meeting preparation and presentations
  • Planning and preparation of certain tax filings
  • Preparation and drafting of annual financial statements
  • Assistance with audit preparation
  • Assist with pre-propsal DCAA compliance questionnaires

Bookkeeping Services

  • Electronic processing of accounts payable and cash disbursements
  • Tracking accounts receivable, and pledges (as applicable to nonprofits)
  • Electronic processing of receipts
  • Optimizing collections of receivables
  • Recording of electronic payroll
  • Journal entry recording
  • General ledger account reconciliations & maintenance of subsidiary records
  • Robust monthly closing procedures
  • Provide monthly financial statements
  • Training and communication with your internal team on procedures for receipt submission & expense account reimbursements
  • Restricted funds tracking & reporting (as applicable to nonprofits)
  • Federal grant tracking (as applicable to nonprofits)

Interim-Controller Services

Outsource your Bookkeeping Needs